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Our history is a terrible thing to leave behind
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The HBCU Legacy Foundation exists to preserve the legacy of historical black colleges and universities (HBCUs), to instill that legacy into younger generations, and to ensure that its impact on the American landscape is honored and celebrated by all.


The HBCU Legacy Foundation is committed to restoring the heritage of historical black colleges and universities, preserving the rich history of these institutions, and advancing their legacy for generations to come.

The State of HBCUs

For nearly 200 years, HBCUs have been the cornerstone of education, activism, and advocacy for countless Black Americans, yet a continued decline in funding, equity and awareness of their many contributions is threatening their survival.

Support the Legacy

There are many ways to get involved and make a difference in support of our mission and the advancement of HBCUs. From grant writing and fundraising to sponsorship and donation, we appreciate your partnership.

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HBCUs have been the cornerstone of educational advancement since the 1800s and we must work to ensure their permanence in U.S. History.

The sustainability of many HBCUs is at risk. To date, 23 HBCUs have closed and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has only resulted in a heightened threat to several others.
Join us in restoring and preserving the legacy of our beloved HBCUs.

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The Legacy of HBCUs

For nearly 200 years, HBCUs have cultivated some of this nation’s most influential leaders, innovators, visionaries, and activists. From administrators and faculty to students and alumni, members of the HBCU consortium exemplify leadership in their profession, service to their communities, and passion for the advancement of people of color. This is the legacy of HBCUs.

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